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  • Biriyani

    iCooked Biriyani

    Rs 200
    Mutton and Chicken biriyani made with basmathi rice and juicy meat pieces. Raitha and Egg will be given Extra. Home delivery also available.

    Bangalore, India

  • Non veg Thali

    iCooked Non veg Thali

    Rs 150
    Sunday Menu- Consists of Rice 1 bowl,2 Puris, Mutton curry, Raita(Curd),Rasam and sweet. Orders to be placed well in to be placed by 1pm tomorrow to accomodate accordingly. Parcel Charges will be extra 20 rupees. Kindly contact for further queries. This will be tomorrows menu but if needed with anything additional shall be provided.

    Bangalore, India

  • Mutton keema balls

    iCooked Mutton keema balls

    Rs 95
    Delicious keema balls make you eat feel light

    Bangalore, India

  • Mutton Biriyani Combo

    iCooked Mutton Biriyani Combo

    Rs 200
    Authentic Homemade Mutton Biriyani

    Bangalore, India

  • Mutton biryani

    iCooked Mutton biryani

    Rs 1400
    halal mutton biryani. along with chatni sweet and gravy or dal.

    Bangalore, India