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  • Multi-layered Bread Pakora

    iCooked Multi-layered Bread Pakora

    Rs 15
    Scrumptious bread pakora with colourful layers inside. Team it up with green spicy chutney. Perfect for a sunday breakfast with hot piping tea.

    Bhopal, India

  • Sabudana Khichdi

    iCooked Sabudana Khichdi

    Rs 20
    Sabudana khichdi is very popular in central india as food for fasting. Great as breakfast dish, Sabudana khichdi is loved by all. Made especially for weekly fasts with quintessential purity, Sabudana khichdi can be a wholesome meal for your satvik day.

    Bhopal, India

  • Aloo-Puri Thali

    iCooked Aloo-Puri Thali

    Rs 80
    The lip-smacking thali loved by everyone all across Central and North India. Puri-aloo is the most satisfying meal accompanied by rice, raita and kheer. Enjoy the thali and relish the taste of your home.

    Bhopal, India

  • Regular Thali

    iCooked Regular Thali

    Rs 60
    Missing ghar-ka-khana? This is the perfect meal if you are a dal-chawal person. A heart-filling thali with 4 rotis, 2 seasonal sabzi, dal, rice and salad will make your day and won\'t let you miss food cooked by your mom.

    Bhopal, India

  • Moong Ke Bhajiye

    iCooked Moong Ke Bhajiye

    Rs 20
    No one can resist the hot piping moong ke bhajiye! Perfect companion for a monsoon evening, moong ke bhajiye is all you need to make your day!

    Bhopal, India

  • Poha

    iCooked Poha

    Rs 10
    MP me pohe nahi khaye to kya kiya! The most popular and amazing breakfast of Bhopal-Indore, Poha is light and easy to digest wholesome breakfast for a happy start of the day. So, what are you waiting for start your day with Poha and chai at Mumma\'s kitchen!

    Bhopal, India