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  • Sabudana Khichdi

    iCooked Sabudana Khichdi

    Rs 20
    Sabudana khichdi is very popular in central india as food for fasting. Great as breakfast dish, Sabudana khichdi is loved by all. Made especially for weekly fasts with quintessential purity, Sabudana khichdi can be a wholesome meal for your satvik day.

    Bhopal, India

  • Wholewheat Chocolate chip cookies

    iCooked Wholewheat Chocolate chip…

    Rs 30
    Eggless, crunchy, healthy chocolate chip cookies Ingredients : Wholewheat flour, mineral sugar (jaggery on request), cocoa powder, chocolate chips, butter

    Bangalore, India

  • Sabudana Kichdi

    iCooked Sabudana Kichdi

    Rs 120
    Sabudana(Tapioca) Kichdi is made with herbs and veggies.

    BENGALURU, India

  • Veg Pockets

    iCooked Veg Pockets

    Rs 50
    Mixed with Cheese,Herbs and Veggies its a try to dig in snacks@50/pcs

    BENGALURU, India