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  • Sabudana Khichdi

    iCooked Sabudana Khichdi

    Rs 20
    Sabudana khichdi is very popular in central india as food for fasting. Great as breakfast dish, Sabudana khichdi is loved by all. Made especially for weekly fasts with quintessential purity, Sabudana khichdi can be a wholesome meal for your satvik day.

    Bhopal, India

  • Dal Chawal Mandhiya

    iCooked Dal Chawal Mandhiya

    Rs 300
    It is a very traditional Rajasthani dish: Gadi dal chawal-maandhiya, literally translated, Thick Lentils and rice with this spicy tangy tamarind, rice starch Soup. The Mandiya is lovely as a spicy soup or in a more traditional combination with the rice and the lentils- which makes a filling and very delicious meal. We normally mix 1/3rd thick dal and 2/3rd rice, with a generous helping of home made desi ghee and dip each spoonful in a bowl of the mandiya. You will have a wonderful time while you indulge into this scrumptious meal. This is how you serve and eat this dish: Put some gadi dal then add rice on your plate on the top, drizzle a generous amount of ghee, serve hot mandhiya in a bowl. Mix and relish a simple Marwadi/Rajasthani meal. Have some roasted papad along with it.

    Jaipur, India

  • Mumma\'s Dabba ( Tiffin Services for kids )

    iCooked Mumma\'s Dabba ( Tiffin…

    Rs 120
    Is cooking A Fresh N Healthy Meal for your child early in the moring always a concern Just call Mummas Dabba Tiffin Service For School Kids Based on the sample menu: For lunch: Sample Menu: Monday Wheat+ veg day Eg: roti+ Sabji, Partha+veg... Tuesday Rice and dal Variety of dals Wednesday Wheat + veg Eg: stuff paratha, Frankie etc. Thursday Rice+dal/ veg day Eg: pulao, biryani, tomato rice etc. Friday Junk food/ cheat day For More Details Call Us

    Maharashtra, India

  • Gujarati Khandvi

    iCooked Gujarati Khandvi

    Rs 300
    Khandvi is a popular snack amongst gujaratis. Nobody can hide their love for this delicious savoury made of gram flour and curds, tempered with mustard seeds

    Mumbai, India

  • Regular Thali

    iCooked Regular Thali

    Rs 200
    Includes: 1 Dal + 1 Sabzi + 2 Tawa Chapati + Rice + Salad + Pickle (please request for Jain option at the time of order)

    Delhi/NCR, India