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  • vegetarian meal pack

    iCooked vegetarian meal pack

    Rs 100
    veg meal pack contains rice,dal/sambar , salad,curry, pickle, papad, curd cooked freshly at home with fresh vegetables

    Bangalore, India

  • Economy Meal pack

    iCooked Economy Meal pack

    Rs 110
    Our economy meal pack comes with 2 phulkas,rice,daal or sambar and everyday new curries for you.Our ingredients are rich in quality and we do not compromise with our cooking style to meet homely taste requirements.We also provide salad,papad and curd to complete your meal. So our balanced diet keeps you stay fit and healthy.

    Bangalore, India

  • Simple mini lunch

    iCooked Simple mini lunch

    Rs 95
    Our mini lunch meal includes 3 chapathis,1 veg gravy,daal,salad,pickle sufficient for 1 adult prepared freshly and with extra hygiene.

    Bangalore, India

  • Vegetable biryani

    iCooked Vegetable biryani

    Rs 100
    Our Vegetable biryani is prepared with good hygiene and with freshly cooked vegetables.Also served with raita and salad.

    Bangalore, India

  • Simple Breakfast

    iCooked Simple Breakfast

    Rs 40
    Our simple breakfast includes different breakfast dishes served with sambar or different chutneys. Breakfast can include 4 idlys with sambar and chutney/ 1 portion of pongal with chutney/ 2 dosa with chutney,vada with chutney/poha upma/semiya upma/ravva upma with chutney All cooked with fresh vegetables at home

    Bangalore, India

  • Special lunch meal

    iCooked Special lunch meal

    Rs 120
    Speacial lunch meal includes 3 chapathis and 1 portion of special rice along with curry,daal,salad and pickle

    Bangalore, India