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  • Sameer Panje

    • Mysore, India

iCooked Kadhi Bhaat

Rs 150
Gujarati Kadhi, mildly sweet & fragrant, served with Basmati rice, Sambhariyu (a warm cabbage salad) & tava roasted papad.

iCooked Avial

Rs 200
A traditional recipe from Kerala. Assorted vegetables (Carrot, Beans, Potato, Yam, Drumstucks, Ash-gourd & Raw Banana) slow-cooked in a coconut…

iCooked Loaded Sambar

Rs 150
A signature recipe, tweaked from a traditional Saraswat sambar recipe. Loads of vegetables (Carrot, Radish, Lady's Finger, Pumpkin, Bottle-gourd, Drumstick,…

iCooked Pulikoddel

Rs 150
Grandma's recipe. Ash gourd pieces cooked in a flavourful coconut gravy. A perfect balance of fragrant spices with a hint…

iCooked Thalipeeth

Rs 100
A hearty multigrain flatbread with rustic flavours. Served with butter & homemade thecha (green chilly & garlic chutney). 2 medium…