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About Watscooking.com

Watscooking is a platform based on sharing economy or Collaborative Consumption where people offer their skills and expertise to their neibourhood. Our goal is to empower homemakers to leverage their expertise and earn from home .

Watscooking offers three major categories for Homemakers to earn from home

The Home Café – With the Home Café, the Home Chefs can sell their Home cooked food. The real taste of Indian food can only be enjoyed when it is home cooked with freshly grinded masalas. The freshly prepared masalas from home will have its rich natural aroma and taste that you cannot find in any commercial restaurants.

The Home Boutique – Homemakers can sell their homemade things like paintings, Arts & Crafts, Gift items and more with the boutique.

The Home Academy - Home Academy enables Homemakers to utilize their skills  to offer home based classes like Home Tuitions, Music, Dance ,Yoga , Meditation classes , Cooking classes etc. The classes can be offered Online through Google Hangouts or on premise or at customers doorsteps

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