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FAQ – For Home Sellers

Frequently Asked Questions for Home Sellers and Users

1) Are there any charges I should pay for becoming a seller?

For being a Home Seller with Watscooking, you will pay an annual subscription which covers the site administration and support charges. Click here to find the subscription plans

Write to our customer care at customercare@watscooking.com to know more on subscriptions.

2) How will I get orders from users?

Users can place a request on your items offered or they will contact you through chat to request for an item. When user places a request, you will get an instant SMS with users name and mobile number andan email notification. You can call the user to confirm the order and deliver as per the conditions

3) How is the delivery happen to users?

For now, you have to manage deliveries with your own arrangement.

In the Shoppe setup, choose the following options as per your convenience

For Food, you can find 3 delivery options. TAKE AWAY, DINE –IN, HOME DELIVERY. You can select either of the three or all as per your capability. Choose TAKE AWAY only, if you can’t deliver on your own .Choose DINE-IN, if you can offer dining facility in your house. Choose HOME DELIVERY, if you can arrange someone to deliver at doorsteps.

For Homemade things, you can either courier it to the user or offer to pickup

For Home based classes, you have the option to deliver the class on premise, online or at customers doorsteps

We will notify you once we come up with our own arrangement on logistics.

4) How will the money be paid?

For now, we enabled only cash on delivery option and hence you can collect full money from the user directly or by online transfers

We will notify you the revised procedure, once we enable online payment.

5) I am not getting any orders yet?

Our customer base is growing rapidly and you will start to get more requests once more users sign up nearby your location. Hence relax and stay connected.

Home Shoppe profile page and item pages.

Look for the below buttons

Social Icons

Share your Home Shoppe or dishes/items in your Facebook timeline or Facebook groups, twitter and other social media to drive people to your café page. You can also place the URL in your own blog pages

Join the most popular food and Hand made things related Facebook groups in your city and start sharing. Searchfor groups with "food" "foodies" “Handmade” “Homemade” in your city like "food lovers Chennai". Some of the groups are shown below for example

Chennai food guide - https://www.facebook.com/groups/chennaifoodguide/

Chennai Food Lovers - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1405581419665574/

Bangalore Foodies - https://www.facebook.com/groups/Bangalore.Foodies

Hyderabad foodies - https://www.facebook.com/groups/hyderabadfoodiesclub

There are Home Sellers in our site who gets more than 100 orders by sharing their Shoppe and Dish/item pages in Facebook.

6) How will I get more orders?

You can upgrade to subscription plan to premium membership to get the following benefits

1. You will get more visibility when users search for Home made stuff

2. We will provide you more  leads received by our back office enquiry system

3. You will get a Popular Shoppe tag with all our support services.

Premium Membership will have supported benefits like Verified cafe seal, more targeted leads and other support services from our end. Contact our customer care at customercare@watscooking.com to know more on premium memberships.

7) Any other charges I need to pay?

While there are no commissions for orders/enquires received by you directly from the site users, our back office sourcing team  will notify you on special requests   like bulk orders or regular monthly/weekly Lunch, ,Dinner orders. When we receive such special orders nearby your location, we will call and check with you if you are interested in taking up and conclude with you on the price, additional delivery charges, delivery arrangements etc.

We charge a 10% to 15% commission on special services like bulk orders and regular orders sourced from our back office

8) I cannot be always available and can only serve orders based on my convenience.

We understood that many home makers can’t always be available to serve orders as they might have other priorities. But still you can have your home café and serve orders on your convenience.

In case if you are away for a vacation or for personal reasons, you can set your Shoppe to offline in the manage page .If your Shoppe is set to offline, users can’t make any requests until you set it to Online again

 9) Can I sell home made food items like snacks ,cakes pickles?

Yes, you can very well sell Cakes, Snacks , pickles or any other home made masala powders etc in your Home Café .

 10) What items can I sell in Home Boutique?

You can sell all your handmade items like paintings, gift items or any other item made from Home . You can also sell your one time used branded items or Silk sarees etc in wardrobe clearance

 11) What are classes/courses can I offer in Home Academy?

You can offer home tuitions for students, all kinds of Dance /Music classes, Cooking classes, Yoga/Meditation classes etc from home . You can choose to offer it at your home , or at customers premise or Online .

For Online Class, you can use google hangouts or any other video conferencing application.

FAQ – For Users

Frequently Asked Questions for all users in Watscooking.com

1) How can I find home cooked food or Homemade items in my location?

In the Home page select the homemade category you look for and select your city in the home page and click search. In the results page you can select your location/area and see the list of items offered. You can use filters to search for your specific needs.

2) How can I order a dish?

You can make requests in the following ways

1. Click the request button n any of the dish listed which will take to the request page

2. Clicking the item image will take you to the item details. You can also place request in this page

3. Once you place an order, the home seller contact details will be shared with you on email and SMS

5. Make sure you enter the correct delivery date and time before confirming your request

6. You can track the status of your requests under your profile menu -> Requests Placed

3) I couldn’t find the dish/item or class I am looking for. What should I do?

Switch to profile view in the search page and see if you can find any home Shoppe in your area or nearby location. Click Contact button and send an enquiry to the home Shoppe. The Home Seller will receive an SMS instantly with your phone number and they will call you to check your requirements.

You can also use Contact Us menu in the bottom of the home page, to send an enquiry to our customer care who will assist .

4) I have sent a request by clicking Contact Seller button .But no one called me yet.

Send an enquiry to us from the Contact Us page or call our customer service number 08807684211. Our services team will assist you

5) I have placed an order but the food/ item is not delivered to me

Please be noted the home sellers are not commercial like restaurants. They are just like your neibourhood aunties and grandmas who are passionate about cooking or selling from home to earn some extra money .Sometimes they may get held up in other unavoidable priorities and may not be able to serve your requests

We strongly recommend to contact the Home seller with the number shared with you upon request confirmation.

In case of no response, contact Watscooking customer care and we will assist you in arranging your item from some other home seller nearby

6) I am a normal user and now I want to setup my own online café Can I do it?

Any normal user in watscooking.com, can setup their own online café at any time for free. Just

click My Café icon in the top header menu and proceed to setup your own café if you want.

7) I want home cooked food on a daily basis. How can I make orders?

Send an enquiry to us from the Contact Us page or call our customer service number 08807684211. Our services team will assist you in arranging your food on a weekly or monthly basis with a customized menu

8) I want to make a bulk order for more than 10 people with a customized menu?

Send an enquiry from the Contact Us page or call our customer service number 08807684211. Our services team will assist you in arranging your food for all your office and home parties with a customized menu

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