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About Watscooking Prime

Watscooking introduces a new fully online service called PRIME that makes you to provide a steady income. Already existing members will get further discount on PRIMEenrolment. Out of 10000 sellers across India we are only onboarding only select few for every pin code


About PRIME 

  • A fully end to end service 
  • Free FSSAI registration
  • We will provide eco  friendly packaging materials
  • We will provide delivery services -Partnered with Dunzo
  • You post what you plan to cook the previous day and get pre-orders
  • You cook, You pack and we will get you online orders and do delivery
  • Manage orders, prices and everything in our all new mobile APP
  • The new version of the Mobile APP and website will be launched soon 

We select only up to 3 sellers per pin code .So hurry to book your slot as PRIME member
We will start PRIME  in the following order - Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai , Delhi and followed by other cities


Instructions on PRIME Enrolment

  • Once we receive your interest, our customer care will contact you for the below steps
  • You will be shortlisted based on our review on your Home Café, your interest level and the availability of the slot in your area
  • If you are successfully shortlisted , we will send  a custom link for paying PRIME enrolment fees as per the discount offered to you 
  • Once the fee is paid , You need to send a copy of  your ID proof and 2 photographs to support@watscooking.com for FSSAI registration
  • You will receive the FSSAI registration and the welcome packaging kit within 10 days of receipt of your documents. 


How it works 

  • Create your seller profile at www.watscooking.com/signup, if you are not a seller yet
  • Apply for PRIME membership by clicking the Enrol for Prime button above.
  • Check if PRIME is available in your city . Only then the below steps will apply. Else wait for the PRIME launch in your city but still you can get requests directly from users on the openstandard  platform
  • Once on-boarded as a PRIME member, on a regular basis you can go to your dishes page (Click dishes icon on top menu), select a dish or add a new dish which you are planning to cook
  • Click the Plan to Cook button and select schedule (Lunch, Snack or Dinner) , Date and Planned Quantity
  • You can plan any number of  cooking in advance up to one week 
  • The schedule is as follows :


Item User can order until Food should be ready by Delivery timings
LUNCH 10:00 AM 12:30 PM 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
SNACKS 2:30 PM 04:30 PM 4:30PM to 5:30PM
DINNER 5:00 PM 07:30 PM 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM


  • Users within your locality will find your dish and pre-order online until the cut-off time mentioned.
  • You will get notifications on new orders by SMS / email as well as on the Mobile APP
  • You have to accept the orders in the mobile APP or Web to confirm
  • You plan your cooking quantity according to the number of orders received until cut-off time, pack and make it ready for our delivery partner to pick the food


Frequently asked questions 

1)  What is the difference between Watscooking standard verses Watscooking PRIME?

Watscooking standard is a open platform available all over India where users will contact sellers, request food and pay directly. There is no online payment or delivery services. And also, this depends on sellers convenience in serving the users as the request is ad-hoc. Any Home chef can be part of Watscooking Standard. 

Watscooking PRIME is a structured end to end service with organized schedule, payment and delivery which will make the sellers earn a steady income and also help users with regular food availability. Watscooking PRIME is only available in select cities and only few shortlisted sellers will be onboarded for PRIME

2) What is the advantage of WatscookingPRIME?

Watscooking PRIME is designed based on your regular cooking at home. When you cook for your family you decide any additional quantity that you could offer to sell. You are going to cook only based on pre-orders as per the actual orders received. 

For example, you offered to sell 10 lunches. Until the cut-off time 10 AM, you received 6 orders. You only going to cook accordingly and not going to waste by cooking all 10 meals. Even if you receive no orders, you are not going to lose as you won’t cook extra. 

3) Is Watscooking PRIMEavailable all over India?

Watscooking standard is available all over India while Watscooking PRIME is available only in select cities. We are starting in the following order -Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai,Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Jaipur and followed by other cities 

4) How will the user pay and how will the sellers receive money for the food sold for Watscooking PRIME?

Users pay online via the mobile APP or website to Watscooking and we will settle the payment to sellers every Saturday after deducting our charges

5) Do we have to plan for cooking all the time?

It is as per your convenience. Only if you post a cooking plan, it is open for user orders else no commitments from your side.

6 Is there a minimum quantity I should offer to sell?

It is up to your convenience. You can offer from 2 to anynumber.

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