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  • Usha Ravi

    • Bangalore, India

iCooked Rajma Masala

Rs 40
Rajma (red kidney beans) cooked in thick tomato-onion gravy and flavoured with traditional spices. This is a good accompaniment to…

iCooked Chole masala

Rs 40
A delicious side dish for rotis ,pulkas and rice. This dish has its origin in punjab. Chikpeas are cooked in…

iCooked ParuppuUsili

Rs 25
A traditional tamilbrahmin side dish prepared with coarsely ground pulses cooked dry with vegetables such as beans /capsicum/snake gourd /…

iCooked VendhayaKuzambu

Rs 25
A typical Tamil- Iyengar signature dish. It is a tangy and delicious Kuzhambu(gravy) eaten with hot plain rice. The tempering…