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  • Chilly Chicken

    iCooked Chilly Chicken

    Rs 60
    Boneless succulent chicken pieces in Chinese sauce.

    Patna, India

  • Chicken skewers

    iCooked Chicken skewers

    Rs 120
    A generous portion of chicken grilled in the oven to perfection seasoned with a tangy sauce, crispy on the inside and juicy on the inside. You could eat this all by yourself if you don\'t care to share.

    Bangalore East, India

  • Chicken fried rice

    iCooked Chicken fried rice

    Rs 135
    Chicken fried rice tossed with veggies and chicken..

    Mumbai, India

  • Chicken Thukpa

    iCooked Chicken Thukpa

    Rs 50
    It is a tasty and slight spicy soupy noodles dish prepared from chicken and nutritious vegetables stock.

    Chennai, India